Five gourmet ideas to garnish a Roman Pinsa

Five gourmet ideas to garnish a Roman Pinsa

Pinsa Romana, like pizza, is often considered a simple dish, due to the raw materials of its dough and is often associated with street food, because it is easy to consume if cut into slices.

The reality is that the Roman Pinsa is also perfect to be accompanied with excellent gastronomic ingredients. The right toppings can create surprising tasteful marriages, from salty to sweet.

Pinsarella, thinking about the happiness of customers, has decided to sell its Pizza Crust ready to be garnished and baked in the home oven, guaranteeing its customers the security of enjoying an authentic Italian product at home.

1. Caprese

Amaze your diners with the true Italian tradition, presenting them with this fantastic Pinsa, you will only need the tomato sauce (or our Pinsa Kit), basil leaves and fresh mozzarella to present your guests a wonder for the eyes and for the mouth

2. Truffle and Mushroom

Savor the true taste of nature with this recipe, thanks to the presence of white truffles and mushrooms, which give the Pinsa a truly intense and particular taste.
You can also use our ready-made kit, which will arrive at your home ready to be baked and enjoyed.

3. Pesto

Do you want to let your guests taste one of the real Italian tastes? in a few minutes you can surprise them with this idea, all you will need will be some pesto (which you can also make at home), some fresh basil leaves and one of our fantastic pizza crust. (or alternatively buy our ready-made kit directly)

4. Arugula and Shrimps

Try one of the classic condiments of Italian cuisine, with this "maritime" variant!
What you will have to do is simply take one of our pizza crusts, cook it for a few minutes in the oven and then spread the mayonnaise (or tomato sauce if you prefer), which will be the base for the shrimp and arugula.

5. Pinsa and Nutella

Combine two wonderful products of the Italian tradition, to savor this tasty sweet variant of the Pinsa.
With Nutella, the famous Italian hazelnut cream, your pinsa can become a fantastic dessert to serve for any occasion in just a few minutes.

If you like you can also add strawberries to the sauce to make your pinsa even tastier(also with our ready-made kit)

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