The five food and wine products that only Italy offers.

The five food and wine products that only Italy offers.

Behind the typicality and the success Italian cousine and of the made in Italy tradition, there's a great raw material ...
In addition to being a people of poets, saints and navigators, Italians are above all gourmets in terms of cooking and making food and wine.
We know how to recognize what is good from what is not and, after all, we are children of a centuries-old peasant tradition and our territory, so vast and different from North to South, is the theater and accomplice of a culture as simple as it is rich in flavors and traditions.

The sun, the sea, the mountains and the plains that characterize this beautiful Country, with its Mediterranean climate, make Italy the ideal place to truly find the best in terms of agricultural products and food and wine.
If we add to that the tradition and the art handed down to us by our ancestors, thanks to which recipes, practices and processes have been preserved over time, helped to create modern Italian cusine, with have hundreds of typical gastronomic products.
After all, eating is an art and we Italians, in this sense, are a people rich in culture.

In this short list, only some of the main Italian Typical Products have been selected, perhaps the best known and appreciated all over the world. These are products now so well known and famous that only their name refers to the Bel Paese. If you then go into the jagged world of regional realities, you will realize how much wider and richer Italian cuisine is.
Obviously when we talk about the "five food and wine products that only Italy offers", we are referring, in particular, to the quality that characterizes them and therefore to the raw material with which they were produced. It is not obvious to find a quality product and perhaps made with raw materials found locally or so-called at zero kilometer.
But what are the typical products that only mention them bring Italy to mind?

The pasta.
It is the flours and the manufacturing processes that make the difference. From the industrial to the artisanal one, which is once again catching on, pasta remains the most consumed dish in Italy and in the world. Regardless of whether it is fresh or packaged, pasta is always an easy and quick dish to prepare.
Born in the south a couple of centuries ago, from a simple batch of pasta, tomato and mozzarella, pizza has turned into a delicious dish, known and appreciated all over the world.
How can you not appreciate Italian extra virgin olive oils? Sturdy, strong and with a strong flavor, oil is the basis of Italian cuisine and a fundamental element of the Mediterranean diet. There is a very important agricultural culture behind the cultivation of olives and the production of oil.
Production 100% made in Italy, prosecco is a wine that has begun to spread around the world, only starting from the last three decades. Before then the only known bubbles were those of Champagne. Today, however, prosecco is highly appreciated and sought after.
When it comes to cheeses, you can come across French competition, but no foreign cheese can compete with Italian ones. Mozzarella, Burrata, Parmesan, Grana, Gorgonzola, Caprino and Pecorino, Provolone, Caciotta, Scamorza, Caciocavallo ... in short, how many do we know?

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